Recent updates

New features, bug fixes, and announcements.

New feature

Configurable Table Density

Table row densitity is now configurable between a compact, default and comfortable option. We also now default to compact for order dashboards.

New feature

2x Results for Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus stores will now load 75 rows of data per page by default. Non-Plus Shopify stores will still load 30 per page. This will become a configurable option in the near future.

New feature

Bulk Edit Products & Customers

It is now possible to select 1 or more rows and bulk edit them within Shopify. Metafield support coming soon.

New feature

Export to CSV

Customers, orders, and products can now be exported straight to CSV. Select the rows you want to export (or select all) and you'll be able to generate a CSV with the same data as currently shown in the browser. In order to export additional data, we recommend duplicating the dashboard and adjusting the columns shown.

New feature

Tags now available as columns

Tags are now a column option across all three dashboard types. Only the first 5 tags will be shown with the remainder hidden behind a collapsible section.

New feature

Several new order columns now available

Several new columns have been added for order tables including Payment gateway, Delivery method, Full billing & shipping address, and shipping/billing coordinates that link to Google maps.

New feature

Metafields as Custom Fields

Added the ability to surface metafields as columns using custom fields.

New feature


Added the ability to add filters to all board types with over 36 new filters to choose from.

New feature

Search bar

Added search bar on dashboard page to allow for generic filtering. All dashboards now show a search bar which can be used to search for customer names, emails, ids, etc.

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