Frequent Questions

How is Store Recon different than native Shopify data tables?

Store Recon allows for completely customizable column options. In addition to the 75+ native options, you can also create custom fields based on customer, order, and product tags.

Is Store Recon free?

We offer a free plan. Visit the pricing page to learn more.

What Shopify data do you support?

We currently support: Customers, Orders, & Products

Is my store data safe?

We do not store any customer, order, nor product data. Everything is fetched in real-time from Shopify.

Do you support multi-store?

We currently only support fetching data from a single Shopify store. Let us know if this is a feature you're interested in.

Can I export the table data to CSV?

This is currently not supported. We plan to offer CSV exports of table data later this year.

How do I request new features?

Just contact support. Your feedback is always appreciated.

I think I found a bug?

We're constantly squashing (software) bugs. Contact us if you think you found a bug and we'll get a fix released.

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